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Because you breathe in what you burn. Paraffin and most soy candles contain toxic chemicals, preservatives, pesticides, and most often a lead or zinc infused wick. Our candles are only pure beeswax making them eco-friendly, non-toxic, and hypo-allergenic. There are no synthetics, bleaching, or additives. Unlike paraffin and some soy candles, burning a Bee Honest candle will not produce harmful carcinogens, toxic fragrances, or indoor air pollutants. 


It is also said that beeswax emits negative ions when burned, which purify and cleanse the air from dust, odors, toxins, and pollen, which makes beeswax candles the preferred option for people with asthma or allergies.


We're simply a different kind of candle! Instead of covering a smell or aroma with harmful fragrances, beeswax will neutralize odors. When you buy commercial candles, you are spending money to pollute your home. Bee Honest beeswax candles are worth the healing investment. 


Made in the USA

Our candles are handmade in the USA using 100% pure beeswax. Our tins and labels are also made in the United States.


Metal Free

Our wicks are made of cotton and paper threads. Chronic low-level lead exposure, as seen with lead wick use, has been found to produce lead poisoning leading to permanent neuro-psychological defects and behavior disorders in children. Our wicks do not contain lead, zinc, tin, or any other harmful substance.


Brighter, Longer Lasting and Naturally Scented

Beeswax candles burn brighter than paraffin and soy candles. Beeswax also has a naturally higher melting point, which means pure light and a brighter, warmer flame. Beeswax is slow burning, so it lasts longer than alternatives, meaning you get your money's worth. It also has a calming, subtle, natural honey scent!

Clean Burning

Beeswax burns cleaner than other common candles and they naturally drip less, smoke less, and soot less for better indoor air quality and a clean house. If your candle starts to soot, or if the flame is too large, this means you need to trim the wick. Always mind the candle instructions included with your candle for optimal burning.

Environmentally Friendly

Beeswax is a renewable resource. Unlike petroleum based paraffin waxes, there is no strip mining, refining, or offshore oil drilling required for beeswax candles.  

Cruelty Free Product

We use no animal tested products whatsoever.


Support Beekeepers and Small Businesses

Purchasing beeswax products supports endangered bees and the beekeepers who care for them.

Honey Bee Preservation

Over the last 10 years, the bee population has been declining at an alarming rate, putting our food supply at risk. This is known as Colony Collapse Disorder. 


The various theories for the cause of CCD include pesticides, insecticides, parasites, environmental damage, lack of crop diversity, malnutrition, disease, among others.  One third of the food we eat depends on pollination, so bees are a vital resource. 


A portion of our proceeds are donated to the Pollinator Partnership, whose research helps protect honey bees. 

Other ways that you can help save the bees include:

•Planting bee friendly flowers and flowering herbs

•Placing a water source near your bee friendly plants since bees are thirsty

•Not using synthetic pesticides, insecticides and herbicides

•Buying local, organic food from nearby farms

•Supporting your local bee keeper by purchasing bee products

•Starting a honeybee hive

•Spreading awareness about helping bees within your community

•Donating to the Pollinator Partnership

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