Illuminate safely with nature's candles made from 100% pure beeswax and metal free, cotton wicks. Bee Honest candles are non-toxic and made in the USA, so you can breathe easy. Explore the benefits of beeswax candles under Why Bee Honest? and find out why beeswax

candles are the preferred candle choice.


Save the Bees

Learn about our mission to help save the bees, why they matter, and how you can help too under Why Bee Honest?

Our Story

Read Our Story to see how Bee Honest Candle Company got its start, and how we contribute to humanity, our economy, and a healthier tomorrow. 

Custom Orders

Think of Bee Honest Candles for all of your healthy candle needs including gifts and party favors, and remember, always mind your beeswax!

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